Pricing Optimization Software for Home Appliance Retailers

Pricing Optimization Software for Home Appliance Retailers

Do you run an appliance retailing business? Or any kind of store chain where you at least sell some home appliances? If so, you’ll want to be sure you are keeping up to date with competitor pricing while simultaneously maximizing your return on these high ticket items.

Your current pricing strategies may be leaving profits on the table that you aren’t even aware of.  PRICEXPERT is our patent-pending algorithmic pricing SaaS, which will help you maximize the profit and ROI of every sale your business makes! Price improvement has always been one of the most effective methods for enhancing both revenue and profit. With pricing improvements, you can improve the bottom-line of your business without huge investments in things like advertising or dealing with the dread of cutting salaries, laying off employees, or addressing other variable costs.

There are many complications that make continuous, methodical price optimization a difficult objective for organizations:

  • Pricing, by nature, includes many disparate business processes, with many owned by different stakeholders
  • ERP systems are designed to be transaction oriented.  They typically do not provide complex analysis capabilities to drive pricing methodologies
  • The use of spreadsheet-based analysis is frequently error-prone, informal, and difficult to scale as the business grows
  • A robust, systematic pricing methodology must integrate data and analysts/approvers across different roles and functions in an enterprise

Advanced Pricing Logic has designed our leading SaaS pricing software, PRICEXPERT, to solve these complications. Our software is made by retailers, for retailers, allows you to make fast and decisive actions based upon data in real time to determine your pricing.

The Appliance Retail Industry’s Leading Pricing Software

PRICEXPERT takes the complexity and confusion away from effective price management. Gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of thousands of rows. Gone are the days of tens or hundreds of man hours being required to make pricing updates. Instead, a simple and more effective software can make all of your pricing optimizations based on real-time data, up to date competitor information, and strategies that can be executed down to the product level. All in a fraction of the time that it could be done manually. PRICEXPERT has a fast learning curve, an easy implementation process, and can revolutionize the way your appliance retailing business operates.

APL has developed PRICEXPERT as a technology that leverages ERP data, and drives pricing based on product behavior metrics. Previously, price management solutions had only been available to the few, the Fortune 500 companies, and could cost a company millions of dollars on top of months of labor to setup. PRICEXPERT is here to change that perceived exclusivity by bringing price optimization to anyone, from small businesses to global retailers, at an affordable rate. Learn more about how PRICEXPERT is the pricing optimization solution for you.

PRICEXPERT Makes Pricing Easier Than Ever Before

As your appliance retailing business grows, so does your need to be able to react quickly and effectively to a multitude of variables. Whether that be changing supplier costs, changes in the consumer market, new taxes or regulations, new competitors in your area, or a variety of other variables, fluid pricing strategies are the key to dealing with change effectively. PRICEXPERT will help you stay ahead of the curve on pricing, and ahead of your competition. The PRICEXPERT software solution provides all the core price management features that your business needs (rules engine, MAP and min/max markup limits, SKU-level price editing, and competitive data integration). Our software also leverages advanced algorithms for optimizing business objectives, such as unit sales and revenue growth, gross profit, and profit margin changes.

The Best Appliance Retailer Pricing Solution

Advanced Pricing Logic is here to help make sure your retailing business succeeds. We are proud to offer our PRICEXPERT pricing software at an affordable rate, no matter your business size, and our dedicated team would be more than happy to demo the software for you firsthand. PRICEXPERT supports everyday and promotional price optimization, product bundling, kit optimization, and so many more features to help your appliance retailing business grow to the next level. It’s time to become adaptable, efficient, effective, and ahead of the curve when it comes to pricing models, and PRICEXPERT is here to help you achieve those goals.

If you’d like to see the PRICEXPERT software in action, we can show you exactly how it can help your business! Contact our team for your free demo today!

Powerful, profitable, insightful.  Request your demo today.
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