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The Power of INTELLIGENT Pricing

A clearer, better, faster, and more productive way
to achieve your pricing optimization goals.

PRICEXPERT is designed to help you run as lean as possible and find every ounce of profit that you can squeeze out of razor-thin margins.

Efficient and responsive – price proactively and understand the true value that your customers are looking for.

Gain Expertise – do things that you though was restricted to the big retailers.

Affordable – you won’t have to mortgage your company’s future with huge, long-term user fees.

Speed analysis and execution — pricing automation blends best practices, aggressive business rules, and comprehensive price management.

Use any ERP system – PRICEXPERT is ERP agnostic. Draw on your existing database to help you plan increase sales, reduce inventory, increase profit, grow market share.

Categorize and filter inventory – pinpoint different products for different go-to-market strategies.

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PRICEXPERT Profit, Pricing
PRICEXPERT Tools, Pricing
PRICEXPERT Predictive Analytics, Pricing
PRICEXPERT Prescriptive Guidance, Pricing


Leverage data to assist with profit strategy.


Designed to help companies make better decisions on how to price products.


Perform “What If” scenarios.


Price products faster and more accurately.

Your data is a gold mine: leverage it now. Ask for a demonstration.


Meet the competition with maximum capability and superior results. PRICEXPERT is groundbreaking  software that helps companies sharpen predictive analysis and business guidance.  Gain capabilities with true price automation, and massive analytic power.


  • Manage multiple price lists with ease.
  • Drive pricing through business process relationships to each product.
  • Leverage total product value to the enterprise and be able to act on it.
  • Isolate and discount overstocked products.
  • Mark dead movers down, fast movers up.
  • Control kit and bundle prices with ease.