Prescriptive Analytics Guidance – Turn Your Raw Data into Profit 2018-04-24T11:49:59+00:00

Excel vs. Pricexpert

Enable sharper pricing insights with proven winning strategies

  • Turn raw data into pure profit.
  • Apply repeatable methodology; accelerate time to market.
  • Publish pricing decisions with confidence.
  • Stay ahead of competition in the marketplace.


Manual pricing analysis needed for prescriptive guidance takes time. In this hyperdynamic retail environment, that may be too much time. There are simply too many decisions, too much data, and way too many variables to expect consistent results from a spreadsheet and a sharp pencil. It’s important to not be left behind!

When you rely too much on “manual methods,” you must rely on simple rules to raise or lower prices across-the-board. Simple rules mean lost revenue. Price changes without intelligent data analysis means missing margin goals. Without real intelligence as a guide, retailers tend to reprice when they shouldn’t or over-compensate (up or down) when there are sudden moves in the local market.

The worst part about manual analysis and pricing is that there is a limit to what you can do. You’re limited in your ability to react quickly and accurately. You are limited in in your ability to meet sudden changes in the marketplace. Manual pricing means unnecessary inefficiencies that slows responsiveness and erodes revenue.

Pricing Automation with True Intelligent Analysis

With Pricexpert, you gain several advantages. First, by automating data collection and processing, you can apply very specific, market-aligned rules for every SKU and SKU grouping – just by clicking a menu item. Second, Pricexpert automation gives you drill down data – into the micro-market level if you so desire – allowing you to quickly plan for specific seasonal and event-driven market changes. Third, management can assert more control because they have a much better understanding of how their pricing strategies will impact the future. All of this can be done at a fraction of the time it takes manually.

Don’t Let Prescriptive Analytics Guidance Hold You Back

Software automation is ideal for the kind of processing you need for robust prescriptive analytics guidance. Imagine what you could do with this power. You’ll hammer through thousands of SKUs and months of buyer behavior data – in minutes. You’ll surpass your competitors with market-aligned, bundle-specific pricing guidance in a fraction of the time that you’ve done in the past. You’ll be fast, efficient, and intelligent. You’ll be agile.

Another advantage of automated prescriptive guidance: you’ll lead your local market because you’ll know more about what’s really driving your customers to buy products and why they keep coming back to your stores. You know how? Because working this way and with this kind of help, you’ll spend less time worrying about analysis and pricing, and you’ll be spending more time doing what you do best — selling.


Use the flow of data that you already generate in your daily sales activity. Take what you learn from routine saved price data to build a case for re-execution into the future. Turn predictive analytics into data models that are unique to your business and competitive environment.


Sometimes, data trends will show you what appear to be obvious answers. Do you change product mix or discount? Do you increase prices or leave them alone? Test your assumptions without spending days (weeks) on a spreadsheet. Retest your pricing models as often as it takes to get the right one.


Pricexpert will help you achieve the right balance between efficiency and productivity. Imagine the combined power of your pricing data and F500 automation. Merge competitor tracking data, tens of thousands of SKUs, and your business strategy – without ever breaking a sweat. You’ll be tempted to take bolder steps toward greater profitability.