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CFOs Juggle A Lot Of Priorities

Pricing should be a key priority. Gartner reported in 2017 that 1 in 3 CIOs identfied that “…a pricing solution is a priority.

– Gartner, CIO Agenda: Retail Industry Insights, 02 October 2017

Acting as a level, small pricing improvements can realize big bottom-line benefits. Yet fewer than 3 percent of businesses effectively manage, execute, or communicate prices. A successful improvement initiative requires a holistic, cross-functional approach.

– AMR Research Outlook, February, 2, 2004

Fortune 500 CFOs have already implemented artificial intelligence solutions to solve these challenges.

The Complexity Of Pricing Requires Sophisticated Tools.

Companies invest in pricing tools for a variety of reasons – they have outgrown the number of products that can be priced in Excel; they have significant price pressure from competition; revenue/profit may be under-performing. A large challenge is that pricing is cross-functional by nature. Data requirements cross all areas of the business; and every challenge requires its own analysis, strategy, and execution plan. New, sophisticated tools are now available to simplify the pricing process.

Solutions Need To Leverage Enterprise Metrics And Align Prices With Business Goals

Profitability – Market Share – Competition

Each of your products behave differently, and each set of behavior requires a different pricing strategy. APL’s Pricexpert solutions are designed to help your company price based on product behavior. With innovative, patent-pending algorithmic technology, Pricexpert is designed to help companies leverage product performance metrics in order to rapidly and confidently price every product. Pricexpert has been developed by retailers for retailers.

Price, Analyze, And Adjust. Pricexpert Closes The Pricing Loop

Pricexpert closes the loop by tracking repriced product performance vs. actual financial metrics to ensure your new prices meet your business objectives. Pricing analysts can monitor and correct deviations from forecast, down to the individual product level. The experts at Advanced Pricing Logic can help you leverage the solutions, and more businesses can now take advantage of technology previously only available to the Fortune 500 companies.

Solutions To These Complex Challenges Are Now Affordable For Every Business

Technology advances making algorithmic price optimization available via easily-implemented SaaS applications. Based on metrics unlocked from your ERP system, our technology helps pricing organizations drive additional profit from all products, as well as solving operational issues. Visit for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

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