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You Are the PROFIT Expert

Optimize pricing and drive profit for your company.

  • Increase margins across the board.
  • Forecast sales based on intelligent data.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios to maximize future profit.
  • Track and analyze results.
  • Optimize pricing for greater revenue.

It’s getting more and more difficult finding places where you can squeeze out a little more profit. Razor-thin margins means that you must get the most from competitor data. You also have to learn how to work smarter and faster. You may say it’s impossible, and of course it is when you don’t have the best tools.


Looking for another 2% from your product line-up? Need to run multiple “what if” scenarios for a kit or product bundle? Want to compare competition pricing with various models of your own? You’ll be blown away how easy it is to manipulate and massage your data – without ever opening another spreadsheet.

It takes only minutes to draw on your ERP database into Pricexpert. Then you can begin the process of clustering SKUs into logical groups based on product features and customer behaviors. In less time than it takes to get coffee, you can apply strategies that will give your data focus and structure. Pricexpert will display easy to read results that you can use to compare with whatever optimization goals you set. Tweak a little here, tweak a little there, and run as many scenarios and pricing models as you want to generate what you need. Then all you need to do is execute and publish with confidence. Use Pricexpert to track your sales results and analyze data for your next round of optimization.

The Pricing Expert Methodology


Convert all of your data seamlessly from your ERP then cluster SKUs based on attributes and buyer behaviors.


Apply your rules to the aggregated data. Add business strategies and guidelines to focus pricing on performance metrics.


Validate the results you produce and compare them against what you learn about your competition. Make changes as needed.


Confidently and efficiently publish your new optimized price list in all your publications and outbound marketing.


Measure the performance, review the results, and adjust prices accordingly for another round of optimization.