Automotive Aftermarket Retail Pricing Optimization Software

Automotive Aftermarket Retail Pricing Optimization Software

Price improvement is, and will continue to be, the most potent technique for enhancing both revenue and profit. Unlike management of variable costs and overhead costs, effective pricing (to improve both margins and revenue) does not require huge sums of advertising money or salary cuts. There are no suppliers to squeeze.

There are many complications that make continuous, methodical price optimization a difficult objective for organizations:

  • Pricing, by nature, includes many disparate business processes, with many owned by different stakeholders
  • ERP systems are designed to be transaction oriented.  They typically do not provide complex analysis capabilities to drive pricing methodologies
  • The use of spreadsheet-based analysis is frequently error-prone, informal, and difficult to scale as the business grows
  • A robust, systematic pricing methodology must integrate data and analysts/approvers across different roles and functions in an enterprise

Data warehousing technology, by design, crosses these barriers by integrating disparate business data, both tactical and historical.  Analysts have a robust, consistent data store available to make fact-based decisions, and derive actionable information.  This information is core to a robust pricing methodology, and provides the basis for the analyst to price products based on value to the business.

Industry-Leading Pricing Software for the Automotive Aftermarket

Advanced Pricing Logic’s pricing optimization software, PRICEXPERT, makes complicated Excel spreadsheets and dozens of man hours spent on pricing models a thing of the past. Because PRICEXPERT is so easily adaptable, you will be able to focus more time on growing your business, and have more confidence in your pricing models while you do it. Your automotive aftermarket retailing company no longer needs to manually evaluate pricing in Excel.

APL has developed technology that leverages ERP data, and drives pricing based on product behavior metrics.  In the past, price management solutions were only available to the few, typically costing millions in dollars and months of labor.  Advanced Pricing Logic, and the PRICEXPERT price management solution, changes that landscape.  Learn more about how PRICEXPERT is the pricing optimization solution for you.

Price Optimization Software Makes Pricing Easy

As your automotive retail business grows, your need to react to supplier costs, tariff impacts, and competition over thousands of products increases. Excel can work for some pricing models, but it cannot keep up with the diverse pricing demands of today.  The PRICEXPERT solution provides all the core price management features (rules engine, MAP and min/max markup limits, SKU-level price editing, and competitive data integration), and leverages advanced algorithms for optimizing business objectives, such as unit sales and revenue growth, gross profit and profit margin changes. See some of the PRICEXPERT features and services right here.

The Best Automotive Pricing Solution

Pricing Logic equips you with price optimization software that you need to succeed. PRICEXPERT supports everyday and promotional price optimization, product bundling and kit optimization, and so much more. Best of all, forecasted financial impacts can be compared before and after new prices new prices, and once implemented, tracked against the forecast. It’s time to become adaptable, efficient, and effective in order to compete in today’s online marketing world. PRICEXPERT enables your pricing strategies. Learn more.

If you’d like to see PRICEXPERT in action, we can show you exactly how it works, and how our pricing software can benefit your business. Contact our team for a Free Demo today!

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