Automated Pricing Optimization: How We Scienced the Heck Out of Pricing

Automated Pricing Optimization: How We Scienced the Heck Out of Pricing


price automationThis is the heart of pricing logic. You can price and reprice based upon the deep stack of data that you’ve already collected from your retail activities. Add data about competitors and now you’re ready to dial pricing up or down based on any number of operation metrics. You can apply an overlay of what’s going on externally and execute sale strategies in multiple “what-if” scenarios.


price optimizationBundles and kits can be difficult to track and price without a systematic approach aided by deep pockets of data and plenty of automation. Our PRICEXPERT software tool gives you automated tracking of the full spectrum of data and pricing. Track product value so that you can plan pricing and nail down profit “leaks” with relative ease.

Seal off losses by automating updates for kitted merchandise pricing. You can deploy virtual kitting of product assortments that mesh with your ERP systems then spend spend more time focusing on your customers and your sales strategy.


sales promotion price optimizationPricexpert allows you to dive right into the middle of pricing logic. Create programs based on analytics that meet your financial goals and desired revenue results. Leverage pricing elasticity and see better total returns in basket-impact.

Use data collected by the Competition module to build an ‘every-day-pricing’ program; dial your operational metrics up or down as needed to optimize long-term and short-term sales strategies.


Competitive pricing analysisThis is the ‘monster’ part of PRICEXPERT software and what separates Advanced Pricing Logic’s platform from low-cost ‘scraper’ solutions. It gives us the capability to make you more competitive with retailers that use million-dollar Fortune 500 solutions.

PRICEXPERT’s Competition module integrates your data with both internal sources as well as high-end 3rd party solutions. The result is a comprehensive tool that gives you a total picture into why competitors price the way they do, along with powerful analytical tools to determine how competitors would price products that have not been price-matched.

When you see something that catches your eye, you’ll be able to take confident steps against competitors’ price strategies in one seamless process.


pricing performance analyticsJustify your pricing tactics and strategies with transparent data reporting. PRICEXPERT software’s complete reporting suite will demonstrate how your pricing initiatives have paid off. You’ll see how your data is helping to drive toward your profitability and revenue goals. As you build a data rich history of performance, use the internal tracking framework to help clarify analysis and point out areas where there’s room for improvement.

Use the integrated tracking capability to measure effectiveness of each price implementation over time, track optimization processes, compare your pricing strategy with the market, and track pricing execution over time.

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