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If you’re attending the
IRCE in Chicago…

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Free coffee for attendees at the Internet Retailer Conference-Exhibition (IRCE) 2017.

  • Learn how you can beat Amazon with performance-based pricing optimization.
  • Uncover new profit margins and regain your competitive edge.
  • Deploy predictive analytics and competitive data matching in your pricing models.
  • Aggressive pricing optimization with a fraction of effort and cost. 

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internet retailer conference-exhibition IRCE 2017


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Free coffee…

For attendees at the Internet Retailer Conference-Exhibition IRCE 2017.

In the time that it’ll take to sip your first cup, we can show you how performance-based price optimization can help you regain your competitive edge and rebuild profit margins.

PRICEXPERT is the complete pricing package

You’ll produce accurate forecasting using intelligent analytics combined with competitive data matching with our world-class optimization solution, PRICEXPERT.

Available to you at a fraction of the cost of our competitors’ solutions. You’ll level the playing field with better tools, better intelligence, and better analytics to boost revenue, boost profits, and face up to competitors (like Amazon).

Meet us at the IRCE 2017 in Chicago coffee is on us.

Let’s sit down – talk about your challenges and get introduced to the PRICEXPERT.

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Performance-Based Price Optimization Methodology


Convert all of your data seamlessly from your ERP then cluster SKUs based on attributes and buyer behaviors.


Apply your rules to the aggregated data. Add business strategies and guidelines to focus pricing on performance metrics.


Compare results based on performance and what you learn about your competition. Make changes as needed.


Confidently and efficiently publish your new optimized price list in all your publications and outbound marketing.


Measure performance metrics, review actual results, and adjust prices accordingly for another round of optimization.